Attorney Jason Luckasevic.

Attorney Jason Luckasevic.

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Jason Luckasevic

Jason Luckasevic

Jason started his legal career at Goldberg Persky & White in 2000 representing victims and their families in the court room. Jason has personally handled cases in the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Arizona and Nevada. Currently, Jason manages the personal injury department and litigates for victims all over the country. He is well known for originating the first two lawsuits against the NFL, but continues to receive recognition in all of his practice areas. His efforts have led to thousands of jury listed cases receiving many millions of dollars.

Tallie Van Vuren

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From an early age, associate attorney Tallie Van Vuren became interested in fighting for people’s rights and standing up for those who could not do so themselves. After receiving her Juris Doctor from Duquesne University, Ms. Van Vuren began to focus her practice on personal injury lawsuits and medical malpractice claims; working closely with Jason Luckasevic and fighting for those injured through no fault of their own. Tallie Van Vuren's continuing passion for helping those in need has made her a valuable part of Jason Luckasevic’s Personal Injury team.

Ben Schweers

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Born and raised in Pittsburgh PA, associate attorney Ben Schweers developed his passion for piecing together evidence for personal injury lawsuits early in his collegiate career. After being admitted to the Pennsylvania bar in 2012, Mr. Schweers gained valuable experience in medical malpractice claims and personal injury lawsuits such as slip and fall injuries, traffic accidents, and defective products. Ben Schweers continues to focus his practice on personal injury and medical malpractice/misdiagnosis and is dedicated to protecting the rights of those who are suffering because of another’s negligent behavior.

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