Case Results

Case Results


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Burst Appendix; $220k

burst appendix

The acute onset of stomach pains sent our client, a 60-year-old woman, to a rural Pennsylvania hospital. With symptoms indicating Appendicitis, a CT scan was ordered, however, no further confirmation was made by a surgeon. As a result, our client received only pain management and was sent home.  She returned to the ER shortly thereafter and by this time her Appendix burst as a result of the failure to diagnose appendicitis requiring bowel reconstruction surgery. The case was filed and settled on the verge of trial for $220,000.

Perforated Stomach; ~$500k

Perforated Stomach

Our client was a 41 year-old-man with a history of diverticulitis. He complained of stomach pains and was treated off and on at hospitals with pain management. Eventually, he has to be taken to the ER by ambulance.  Staff at a Pittsburgh area hospital emergency room ordered and then inexplicably cancelled a CT scan. His stomach perforated and he died as a result. We filed the case in the Pittsburgh area and settled on the verge of trial for nearly ½ million dollars.

Lung Cancer: $250k

lung cancer

Suffering with lung problems and a history of smoking, our 75-year-old client was sent for diagnostic testing. Despite X-rays and CT scans that were interpreted by three separate doctors at a rural Pittsburgh hospital, our client’s cancerous lung tumor was missed for 8 months. When his lung cancer was finally caught, it was too late and he passed away. The case was filed against the Hospital and three radiologists and was settled on the verge of trial for $250K.

Gallbladder Cancer: $750k

gallbladder cancer

Our client was a 63 year old woman suffering with stomach pains. After complaining for months to her family doctor, she was eventually sent for a CT scan. The images from her scan were interpreted by a radiologist who failed to note cancerous tumor on her gallbladder. Her cancer was not found until a full 7 months later. By that time, the gallbladder cancer was too advanced and our client passed away within 4 months of her diagnosis. This gallbladder cancer misdiagnosis lawsuit was filed in a surrounding Pittsburgh area county and eventually settled for $750,000 prior to going to trial.

Colon Cancer: $1 Million

colon cancer

At just 41 years old, our client had an established medical history of colon and rectal complaints including diarrhea and rectal bleeding. She treated with her primary care provider for 5 to 8 years with these regular complaints. She moved to Nevada where her medical providers promptly prescribed a colonoscopy and subsequently diagnosed metastatic colon cancer. Unfortunately, our client passed away within three months of discovering her cancer. Her missed colon cancer lawsuit was filed and pending in Federal Court in Pittsburgh, PA, and settled for over $1 Million.


Every case is different. Results cannot be guaranteed.

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